Building my Wolf Table

I was sitting in my house one day staring at the textured wall, wondering what sort of creatures I could turn them into when I decided I was going to build a table.

I watched all the videos on¬†The Rehab Life¬†YouTube channel and I was convinced I could build anything! I got in my car and made the voyage to Lowes for supplies. When I got home I went to my front room and began cutting the wood to size… doesn’t everyone cut lumber in their home?

After I had my pieces cut and the frame built I started the glue up process.

Glue up

The pieces were coming together nicely and I was excited to get to the assembling phase. I wouldn’t have been able to glue it so nicely without the guidance of my strict, yet fair coworker.


I got the bark of approval and we began sanding.

Sanding with Kal

He wasn’t pulling his weight during the sanding and kept claiming that he needed a break every 30 minutes.

Once it was sanded I decided to add a wood burning design, because who wants a plain table.

Moon burning

I burned a wolf and a moon onto the surface which took.. so .. many.. hours and really tested my attention span. I also had to wrap my finger in duct tape because my cheep little burner flayed all the flesh from the inside of my middle finger. Meh!

After the burning was done I assembled the bottom of the table.

Building the bottom

Kal approved so we moved on to staining.

Staining the bottom

Then I stained the top piece, careful to avoid the burnings. I’m pretty sure a small part of my soul was extracting during the burning phase.

Moon with stain

I decided, once again, this table was too boring so I busted out my spray paint!

Wolf burning

Once that dried I sealed it with some Poly. I’m pretty sure I nearly died from the noxious fumes (I now have a Bane mask I wear, but I wasn’t so smart then).

When the Poly induced haze cleared from my mind I came back into the room to find my finished table top.

Final top

I was a really happy with how well it turned out. I secured the bottom half and it now lives in my… umm.. long awkward hallway space that is sort of a living room/office.

final product

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