Removing the Handicap Lift


With the help of my friend Ward I finally managed to remove the handicap lift. It was quite the ordeal. Now I just have to get it from the van to my garage until one of my coworkers can pick it up. I’m going to give it to him because his son is in a wheelchair. This beast is so heavy!


I drove up onto the lift at the auto hobby shop on base.


Hades on the lift

We checked out Hades’ underparts. He was in pretty good shape aside from a leak in the transmission pan (I think that’s what he called it). He also has a few gaskets that need to be replaced. Other than that, he’s in great shape for having 183K miles!

Hades’ underside

One of Hades’ underworld creatures was chilling next to the front wheel and almost gave Ward a heart attack. I’m pretty sure it looked into my soul when I leaned in to examine it closer. I’m not even sure if it’s alive… I didn’t want to touch it.


Moth of Doom

I had to stand under the van and make T-Rex arms with the swan hands to reach the nuts with my wrench so Ward could use the impact wrench to pull out the bolts. All kinds of undercarriage debris rained down on me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I develop superpowers in the next few weeks from inhaling all of those aerosolized fragments.


Demon Bolts

I pulled the face-plate off the lift then Ward pulled the fuses and disconnected the main battery wire.


I have some residual swan hand here

Just like that the object which vexed me so was out!


Curse you handicap lift!!!

Now I just need to find an electrician because Hades is stuffed to the brim with wires and cables and I’m a little nervous that I am going to accidentally electrocute myself if I try to remove them myself.

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