I started this blog two years ago intending to write silly stories about my adventures at Cannon Air Force Base. I’ve had plenty of adventures, but the lazy took over and I haven’t been writing. I decided to change this from a blog only about my hiking/exploring to a ‘whatever I decide to do’ blog.

That being said, my name is Georgia. I have squirrel mind or ‘oh look shiny’ of the brain so I dabble in all sorts of creative projects. I used to go hiking or backpacking every weekend, but then I started doing wood burning and carvings. After that I tried my hand at making tables, and bookshelves. Scattered throughout those activities I would write silly short stories. I still enjoy hiking and I feel the wild calling me so I sense a nature visit in my near future. Other than that I recently started writing a novel… like a freaking adult…Yeah!


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